Sunday, November 12, 2006

Accelerate weigth loss with 15-20min. weight training

Accelerate weight loss with 15-20 min. weight training

Let me show you very simple ways to lose weight using simple 15-20 min. weight training.
Don't let the words weight loss and weight training intimidate you. It's very simple if you get a little guidance. Studies show that by having a little more muscle mass you can burn significantly more calories even when you are just standing or sitting.

1 lb. of fat needs - 2 Calories to survive

1 lb. of muscle needs - 50 Calories to survive

So the answer is very simple, if you want quick weight loss
even when you are doing nothing start a little muscle building routine and you are on your way to weight loss success.

Other major benefits are increased "bone density" and increased balance.

I will share my extended weight loss and fitness experience with you in my upcoming posts.



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