Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Please do yourself a favour and read the ingredients

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In one of my previous post I was talking about chemicals found in foods.
The same principle applies to any food or drink (juices are another very scary topic). “Read well before drinking” would be my concern - not “Shake well before drinking”. ; It sounds like they want to make sure that all the chemicals are well-blended.
Please do yourself a favour and read the ingredients. If a juice has more than 2-3 ingredients live it on the shelf. Specially if your goal is to lose weight.
My personal rule is: “If I can’t pronounce it, I can’t eat it or drink it.” I hope you can understand what I’m trying to say here, because this rule helped me stay fit and healthy all my life.
Best weight loss tips : Nr. 1 Stay away from juices that are filled with sugars
Nr. 2 Stay away from dried fruits



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